Avapex: Internet Software Engineering


  • Application Development - Avapex uses a variety of languages and technologies for the development of professional, scalable software. Programming languages used include PHP, Python, and Java. Depending upon the specific needs, we will find the best language to carry out the initiatives of your company.
  • Internet & Intranet Implementation - Applications created by Avapex may be web-based applications available to the entire world or contained within a single company or department. Avapex can create an Internet or intranet site from scratch or extend an existing application on a Linux/Apache web-server.
  • Database Design and Administration - Avapex designs applications that interface with MySQL.
  • Network Solutions - The applications we design may easily exist in a typical client/server environment enabling collaboration between multiple users.
  • Computer / Information Security - Computer security is seriously important today. Avapex can provide the necessary tools and consulting to ensure that sensitive information is transferred over secure connections and stored in an encrypted format.

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